What to have Ready ImageDuring your initial call, the counselor will ask you a series of questions about your current situation. Please remember that the counselor can provide the best assistance only if you give truthful, accurate information. When you call, please have a list of your major monthly bills. Also have at hand your most recent pay stubs and other documents that indicate income you receive on a regular basis. Most importantly, please have your mortgage payment statement handy, including your mortgage loan number.

After the initial assessment, the counselor will determine the best course of action given your individual situation. He or she may refer you to a local counseling agency or he or she may recommend that you receive counseling directly from Iowa Mediation Services. Regardless of what organization you work with, services are free and confidential.

These documents are available only for people who have already received counseling from an IMH counseling agency or have scheduled an appointment for counseling. If you have not yet contacted IMH to begin counseling, click here to get started.

  • IMH Counseling Agreement - This document authorizes IMH to contact your lender, or refer you to other members of the network, such as Iowa Legal Aid, or Iowa Mediation Services. Please print this form, fill in the agency name (as directed by your counseling agency) and follow their instructions about where to send it. Remember to sign and date the agreement.

  • IMH Participating Agency Privacy Policy - This form explains the counseling agencies' personal information protection policies. Please read this document and retain it for your records.

  • IMH Agency Intake Form - This document is the basis of your counseling. Please print it and fill it out to the best of your ability prior to your first scheduled appointment with your counselor. Also, please bring these documents to the first meeting:
    • Last two months pay stubs
    • Previous two years of tax returns
    • The Mortgage Statement from your lender that contains your loan number and contact information for your lender
    • Copies of foreclosure notices and/or legal documents form the lender/servicer
    • The most recent 2 months of bank statements

  • Foreclosure Prevention Hardship letter - the hardship letter is one of the most important items that the client will send to their servicer, it goes over the client�s financial situations and gives a time line of events leading to their hardship.

  • IMH consent to release financial information - this is a standard form in which allows IMH counselors and mediators to discuss options with their banks and servicers.

  • Making Home Affordable Hardship letter - this is HAMP (Obama Plan).