Homeowners ImageWhen you call the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline you will reach a trained, respectful, nonjudgmental counselor at Iowa Mediation Services (IMS). When you call, please be prepared to provide the counselor with an honest explanation of your situation. Your truthfulness will allow the counselor to help you in the best way possible. After a brief conversation, the counselor will recommend one of two possible next steps.

  • The counselor may refer you to a local counseling agency that can help you with issues such as personal finances and budgeting so you can pay your mortgage in full and on time. Depending on your situation, the counselor may help you with a plan to reduce your debt, restore your credit and so on.
  • If your situation is more serious, the counselor may suggest that you continue to work with IMS, which provides more complete services to homeowners. IMS will act as a neutral third party, and will work with you and your lender to find a long-term solution to your situation. The goal of the process is to find solutions, not lay blame. To assist you, IMS may also work directly with your loan servicer. Many borrowers are surprised to learn that their loan servicer is also eager to resolve mortgage issues.

Please remember that individual homeowners and their challenges vary. Likewise, mortgage loan products and their conditions vary. The solution that is appropriate for one homeowner may not be the best solution for another. No matter, the goal of the Iowa Mortgage Help initiative is to provide individualized assistance to each person who seeks it.