Congratulations! You are taking the first step toward getting the help you need to solve your financial challenges. The Iowa Mortgage Help program has assisted more than 35,000 homeowners with free, confidential counseling and the program now offers even more tools for homeowners through the recently announced mortgage settlement with major lenders.

You may either contact the Iowa Mortgage Help hotline at 877-622-4866, or you may fill out and submit the form provided below. The Iowa Mortgage Help team is available to walk you through the process or to provide you the next steps of the Iowa Mortgage Help and/or the mortgage settlement process, depending on your situation.

Initial Information

 Mortgage Mediation Notice from Lender/Servicer's Attorney
 A friend/family member told me
 Saw a news story on television
 Google search
 Coverage of Mortgage Settlement Agreement
 Saw an advertisement on television
 Saw a news story in the newspaper
 Saw an advertisement in the newspaper
 Saw a news story on a web site
 Saw a billboard
 Saw theatre advertisement
 Saw a flier/poster
 Listened to an advertisement on the radio
 Listened to a news story on the radio
 Received a letter from the Governor or Attorney General
 Received a postcard
 HOPE Hotline referral
 Lender - Emergency Foreclosure Assistance Fund (EFAF)
 Lender - Eviction Foreclosure Prevention Program
 Local Emergency Management Agency
Lenders in red are Settlement Lenders


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Mortgage Information

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All that Apply
Reduction in income
Poor budget management skills
Loss of income
Medical issues
Increase in expense
Death of family member
Business venture failed
Increase in loan payment

Secondary Contact

Please provide us with a contact that does not live in the home so that we can still reach you in case of a foreclosure.

Example: 515-555-5555

Additional Information

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